Mission & Values

Sierra Site Works Ltd. continues to maintain honest working relationships to meet the client’s budget and site requirements by providing quality workmanship.

Corporate Profile

Our previous company of 19 years was a family run business until being sold. Since having community vision, we established Sierra Site Works Ltd. to continue on with our expertise, our vision and reputation. Based in Stony Plain, Alberta, our versatility and experience allows us to complete projects in all stages of construction from bulk excavation, underground utilities to the final grading stage. Sierra Site Works Ltd. is also involved in the Oil and Gas industries providing services such as pipeline, facility and well site construction.

Believing in dedication, combined with expertise and knowledge to please our clients, employees are our strongest resource. They are properly trained in safety, dangerous goods handling and trade certificates.

It is our policy to ensure that the composition of our work force reflects the community in which our project is located and respects the community where it is based.

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